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Tapas in Practice

As in Discipline, not small plates

Namaste yogis!

As of lately, I have had several conversations with students whom have brought up the topic of tapas in yoga. Either, "I get these hot flashes during asana, is that okay? What is happening to me?" Or, "I have a hard time dedicating enough time to be consistent." Or lastly, "I push myself until the point of exhaustion and then I can't stay consistent in practice. I'm too tired."

Having been asked to go into more detail, I would like to address these statements individually as what I know to be true of tapas in the practice and lifestyle of yoga. 

Question 1:  "I get these hot flashes during asana, is that okay? What is happening to me?"

In reference to experiencing hot flashes in practice - this is totally normal and usually a good thing! Although this might be incredibly uncomfortable and unfamiliar to you as a student (seasoned or new to practice); experiencing the heat of tapas (aka discipline) is something that happens when you enter into unfamiliar territory; hence the usual response to stop what you are doing and revert to something that "feels normal". 


Heal Your Body with Yoga Asana

2 Part Workshop

Namaste yogis! Time for another workshop at The Yoga Patch

heal your body workshop


My Recent Struggle With Ego

Don't take anything personally

Namaste yogis!

I’ve been teaching for five years now. For the first three I felt like I hardly knew anything and was very self-conscious. The fourth year I really began to put effort into my studies of anatomy, history and philosophy of the yoga practice. Now, in my fifth year, I feel as though I truly stepped into my style of teaching; which has been reflected to me through my students.

Throughout my journey as an instructor I have had the pleasure of teaching many wonderful participants. Some have stayed with me for all five years whereas some have come and gone; others will practice fervently for a few months, leave and then make their way back. In this most recent year of teaching I have found that some of those students have become much more dedicated to me as a teacher than in the past. In fact, I have even had students call themselves “my devotees”.


21 Day Detox

New Year ReNew You

Namaste yogis! It's that time of year again! :) Sign up in studio or online at The Zen Zone.




KC's 1st Green Gym

Namaste yogis!

I am thrilled to announce the opening of Kansas City's first green gym, BodyFit! This historical, three story, eco-friendly facility is completely powered by the sun. You will find interval training on the first floor, retail and lounge space on the second, then martial arts and yoga on the third! I am so happy to be a part of such an incredible start up! Each person involved is dedicated to educating themselves on the most current science behind each practice that is available at BodyFit; making the staff uniquely skilled to accommodate the many needs of such an exclusive space.  


Taking Care

Body and Mind

Namaste yogis!

I haven't written anything in quite a while as I have been taking some time to work on myself and my own practice. As a teacher we instruct our students to always take care of themselves first so they are able to better take care of others. It's easy to talk the talk, but sometimes we forget to take our own advice. At times we take on so much to help others - for instance subbing __ classes a week on top of what we already teach - we end up working ourselves to the point of exhaustion. Other times we get so caught up in what we do that we begin to obsess over what others will think of us if we don't do it all.


Money Maker $$$

Exchange of energy

Namaste yogis!

Clearly the profession of teaching yoga is not usually thought of as being a "money maker". You don't often look into the eyes of your instructor and see big dollar signs shining back at you. But the truth of the matter is that is exactly how your instructor makes money. By doing their job...just like how anyone else makes money. 

This seems like a simple statement yet something yoga teachers constantly deal with is the notion that their job is something fun they do "on the side" and that it shouldn't be taken seriously; therefor if it's not a serious job, they shouldn't be offended or thrown off when they are asked to do their job for free. Yes many instructors do have other jobs to make a more sufficient income and no most of us don't do it for the money BUT it is still their job none the less. And jobs pay money. 


Padabanda and Natarajasana

Strong and Open

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Namaste yogis!

The video and article I am sharing with you today is in response to a message I received requesting a tutorial for Natarajasana, or more commonly known as Dancer pose (or lord of the dance pose); but even more specifically how to keep feet grounded and stable in standing balancing postures like this one. Check out the video then read on for benefits, tips and reminders for your practice at home. 


What does Ahimsa mean to you?

Eating like a "Yogi" - The Great Debate

Namaste yogis!

Ahimsa, the act of practicing non-violence; which clearly falls into many aspects of lifestyle as it is one of the Yamas - our attitudes toward the environment/aka basic guidelines for living a life of personal fulfillment in which benefits society. The most popular conversation piece revolving around the topic of ahimsa, however, usually involves an uncomfortable discussion between two groups of people: 

    1. meat eaters
    2. and vegetarians.

Ahh, the great debate! ...I'm uncomfortable just typing about it!


Upper Body Openers

Working with external and internal rotation

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Namaste yogis!

Today is the first time in a long time that I have had any type of illness that made me feel so awful that I actually had to get a sub for a class. But even in all of this awfulness, I still wanted to post a video I had made the other day before getting sick.

This is in response to a message I received through my youtube channel regarding stretches for chest, shoulders and arms. Many people complain about being tight in these areas or that they can't reach their hands together behind their back, if that sounds like you, try the variations I've shown in the video with the use of props.